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by | 14 February 2017

You can now transfer your contacts to Hotmail. This will keep your contacts and numbers in your account securely and in your account as long as you don’t delete them. This also applies to different email services. First, we’ll tell you how to transfer contacts to your Outlook account.


With Outlook on the web;

• You can import contacts by going to Manage and Import contacts.

•Reapectively, you can also use the File, Open and Export, In / Out options via Outlook in your desktop.

You need to use your Microsoft account to transfer contacts to Hotmail via your Android devices. For this process;

•Connect your device to your computer using USB cable.

•You need to use sync software on your computer to sync your Android device’s calendar, contacts, or tasks to your computer.

•Then download your account on the computer using Outlook ‘Hotmail Connector’ application.

Click download Hotmail connector

With this program you can transfer both your account and your Hotmail account.

After logging in to your Hotmail account via iPhone devices, come to ‘Contacts’ and create a ‘New Folder’. Then specify the name of the folder.

With iTunes, you can now transfer contacts to the folder you have created from your iPhone device. Once you’ve opened your iTunes program, go to the DEVICE tab and see the iPhone device name. Then click INFO. Click all the boxes here and then start the process. People on your iPhone device will now be permanently in the folder you created in Hotmail.

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